About us

We've built an incredible team, to enable us to deliver a world-class solution for the construction industry. Meet some of our team!

Founded in 2015 by Pete, Barney, and Dan (our directors), Conqa is quality assurance software for the construction industry. Driven by the vision of a construction industry that’s built on quality, Conqa makes the QA process simple. Traditionally, QA is done manually and involves a lot of paperwork and time. Conqa helps reduce the paperwork, reduce risk, increase productivity, and gain real-time insights on a build process.

Fast forward a few years, with a growing team, Conqa has head offices in Australia and New Zealand. This helps us provide our customers with the support they need to be successful with Conqa.

The team

We’re a passionate bunch who are out to change an industry. We love working with those who do good work. As a growing startup, we work quickly and efficiently to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Conqa Team