Bosform maximises time on site

On a mission to be one of the leading formwork contractors in Australia, Bosform has multiple large projects running at any given time. CONQA helps Bosform’s team keep accurate records of work to support quality and timely delivery and reduce disputes.

With a team of about 250, Bosform have built formwork for many large scale builds across Australia, including the Tweed Valley Hospital, Logan Hospital, Ipswich Mental Health Unit, and Lasail Apartments.

Bosform pride themselves on attention to detail and quality workmanship. By harnessing new, user-friendly Quality Assurance (QA) technologies, Bosform can ensure that both their team and clients are satisfied with their delivery.

Construction Manager Jim Bryant says CONQA helps them relay information to their client accurately and with proof.

“CONQA gives us the best chance to capture what’s happening on site,” he says.

What was once an office admin task can now be done in the field with a phone or tablet.

“It allows our site foremen to spend less time at the office and more time at the work face, supervising our biggest asset, which is our labourforce,” says Jim.

Ensuring their large workforce is paid for the work they do is paramount. CONQA enables Bosform to record all their work in real time and helps foremen build a stable of accurate QA information. This saves time and prevents potential disputes from arising down the track.

“It’s hard to get people to remember what they did last week accurately, so CONQA makes it a lot more precise for us which in turn gives us security. We know we can approach the builder later with the right information, properly documented and properly archived and we can stand our ground for the work we are entitled to be paid for,” says Jim.

Using CONQA has helped to streamline the QA process for Bosform and in doing so has saved their team dozens of hours. With all QA components in one app, staff no longer have to compile endless paperwork and photos. This ease of use ensures that jobs are recorded as required.

“For our team, not having to type out too much is ideal. Because it’s easy to use, we’ve got a better chance of them doing it. That’s our biggest win so far,” says Jim.

Jim says Bosform uses their new streamlined processes to win tenders for new projects.

“We use CONQA as a selling point in tenders, showing that this is how we control our QA now,” he says.

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