Premier Services Group on Queen's Wharf Brisbane

With over 30 years experience and an enduring commitment to quality, @Premier Services Group is a leading specialist building services contractor in the Australian construction industry.

Investing in innovative construction technology has been an important part of improving their workflow as they continue to work on large, complex projects such as Queen’s Wharf Brisbane being built by Multiplex.

Regarding Quality Assurance (QA), the industry’s mechanism for preventing costly defects and documenting compliance, their Project Manager Troy Turney says completing paper-based ITPs (Inspection & Test Plans) “was nearly a person’s full time job to manage and look after that especially on a job of this scale.” Moving to a digital QA platform, “CONQA has simplified that, bringing it into the new age,” he says.

The Premier Services Group team kindly welcomed us on site and showed us how they’ve integrated CONQA into their day-to-day process. Their understanding of QA’s value for their business as they grow, and the way they’ve engaged their team in learning the platform is fantastic- we’re proud to be working with them. 

Hear from Troy Turner (Project Manager), David Perry (Sprinkler Lead Hand / Site Foreman) and Keenan Dytor (Project Manager) in the video. And a huge thank you to Claudia Murray (Major Contracts Administrator).

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Premier Services Group on Queen's Wharf Brisbane

The wonderful team at Premier Services Group welcomed us on site and showed us how they're completing Quality Assurance checks regularly on large, complex projects.

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