Wilson Plumbing & Drainage reduce their rework by 80%

Wilson Plumbing & Drainage has seen a significant increase in their quality and productivity after working with CONQA.

One of Australia’s leading hydraulics contractors, Wilson Plumbing & Drainage is a dominant force in the Victorian market, having worked on many of the buildings which define Melbourne’s skyline.

Construction Manager Phil Clough says their focus is to deliver quality outcomes for clients, so they started working with CONQA to achieve this.

Since implementing CONQA, Wilson Plumbing & Drainage has seen at least an 80% reduction in rework and much less long-term risk.

Every month, Wilson Plumbing and Drainage’s teams log more than 5,000 photos of their work, which they take at key milestones.

Through CONQA, these photos are available instantly in the office to facilitate handovers and support payment claims. The images don’t pile up on one team member’s phone.

For Wilson Plumbing & Drainage, quality isn’t just a word, it’s their culture.

“It’s about having the documentation there when you need it. It’s not only a live feed from the site, the proof is there forever and it’s easily accessible," says Phil.

Phil leads his teams to engage in the Quality Assurance (QA) process. Quality is crucial to the business and he brings everyone on that journey to help deliver industry-leading results.

Every week Wilson Plumbing and Drainage catches up with their team to understand how quality is tracking, by viewing QA in CONQA, and how they can make the process even better.

“Keeping it simple and useful for our guys on the ground is key. With CONQA, we get it right the first time, and can prove it,” says Phil.

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