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How CONQA works

Transform a complex, retrospective process into a simple, as-you-go process. Workers check quality as they work through a jobsite, find issues, log them, fix them and document the whole process in CONQA. This saves you time-consuming rework down the track. 
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Let your work do the talking

We developed QA software to first & foremost engage users at the site level.

          When QA is done correctly on the ground, quality outcomes compound from every level of the project.

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QA with CONQA looks like this:

A worker arrives at a an area or finishes a task. They pull CONQA up on their phone and quickly find the relevant task (no need for internet coverage!). They tick the completed components, and flag the components that need more work. They take a picture for proof - instantly updating your central records. Faster, easier and cleaner than paper checklists.

Once you book, one of our business managers will get in touch within 24 hours to set up a remote meeting. Feel free to invite anyone else you think might be interested.

After the demo, we will send you a summary of the information to review and share with your team.

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Who is it for?

Make it easy for your team to tick QA & ITPs off their to-do list.

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Give trade contractors a reliable QA tool that helps them to get it right the first time.

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Enable site teams to complete their QA & ITPs in the field, not at the end of the week.

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Give your factory team the tools to streamline their QA process and collaborate with anyone around the world.

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Who is it for?

Main Contractors

Give your site team the tools they need to succeed/to get it right

Trade Contractors

Make it easy for your team to tick QA & ITPs off their to-do list. With CONQA, you can systematically document your work to support progress claims and reduce contractual disputes.


Give your site team the tools they need to succeed/to get it right

Civil & Infrastructure

Enable site teams to complete their QA & ITPs in the field, not at the end of the week. Stop chasing paperwork and have full confidence in the asset's quality.

How it works

We want you to get the most of our CONQA. That’s why you’ll also get proactive support from a dedicated team in whatever way suits you.

1. A ready-to-go project-specific QA plan

QA checklists are loaded into CONQA, and planned into a project specific workflow that matches the build sequence.

Everyone knows exactly what they need to do before the work starts.

2. QA checklists completed on-site

Quickly navigate to the relevant inspection and easily document your work in the CONQA app. Add photos so all vital information is available in the platform.

Everyone, regardless of tech capability, will find the app easy to use.

3. Detailed reports

Demonstrate the quality of the work by sharing detailed QA reports with any project stakeholder, right from the app.

Each activity is date and time stamped, with usernames to give further confidence in the work.

4. Updates on project progress

Keep an eye on how teams are progressing with the matrix view.

This dashboard visually communicates the status of work across multiples areas of a project, so any issues can be flagged early.

With CONQA, our customers have achieved:

saved per week per supervisor
reduction in defects
payment on progress claims

“We were pretty fortunate on this project to deliver on time (four months ahead of schedule) under budget and a really premium product.”

Food Stuffs North Island

Head Office and Distribution Centre

CONQA was specified to all contractors on the project.

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Why our customers choose CONQA

“We went from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to defects on a single project, to virtually zero defects.”
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“You put all the effort in up front because you want to have the evidence you’ve got it right, otherwise what’s the point? Using CONQA is just common sense”
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“There’s already so many variables in a construction project, if you have quality issues and they’re not controlled, the cost is massive. Poor quality work is like friendly fire, you’re shooting yourself in the foot”
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Enjoy more time off the tools with CONQA

We're trialling a 4 day work week! We don’t believe that our ability to show up for work is ever going to stay the same, and for us it’s about constantly re-evaluating what kind of environment our team needs to be at their best.

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The difference between Quality Control & Quality Assurance: How to use CONQA with Aconex or Procore

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