Smarter quality assurance solutions from the get go

Boost productivity in the factory, without compromising on high-quality products, by switching to our centralised QA system.
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Everything you need in arm’s reach

CONQA is all about increasing the levels of quality, integrity and transparency in the yard and factory. Our streamlined software solution stores everything you need in the one place, saving you the time, money and effort you would typically spend on traditional QA processes.

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With CONQA, our customers have achieved:

saved per week per supervisor
reduction in defects
payment on progress claims


Earn clients' trust

“Our customers can see that we’re doing what we say we’re doing"

Guy Quaife
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Make work easier

"We do everything once and we do it correctly. It helps us keep our rework to an absolute minimum."

Jim Davis
Operations/Business Development Director
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Save time

“It’s quick to get started and less hassle with drawings. There's no need to re-enter data after checking elements for production."

Jacques Bezuidenhout
Operations Manager
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Facilitate collaboration

“All the information is readily accessible with just the click of a button. Better communication has been established between our teams.”

Stanislav Kozlov
Project Engineer
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Standardise QA

“CONQA has given us the ability to track the QA of standard and critical customised projects with the push of a button.”

Ben Ransley
Large Products Supervisor
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Improve inspection reports

"With CONQA more thorough inspections are done and capture accurate details."

Jacques Bezuidenhout
Operations Manager
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Pricing varies depending on location and scope. Get in touch with us so we can ask you a few questions, and give you a complete quote based on your build.

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“We were pretty fortunate on this project to deliver on time (four months ahead of schedule) under budget and a really premium product.”

Food Stuffs North Island

Head Office and Distribution Centre

CONQA was specified to all contractors on the project.

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How it works

We want you to get the most of our CONQA. That’s why you’ll also get proactive support from a dedicated team in whatever way suits you.

1. A ready-to-go project-specific QA plan

Project-specific QA checklists & ITPs are loaded into CONQA, and planned into a workflow that matches the build sequence.

Everyone knows exactly what they need to do at each stage of the build.

2. Complete QA checklists & ITPs on your phone, even offline

Quickly navigate to the relevant inspection and easily photograph your work.

Enable your team to get sign-off from remote regulators, engineers and other stakeholders in the CONQA app.

Everyone on your team, regardless of tech capability, will find the app easy to use.

3. Create detailed reports

Fast-track the compliance process by providing project stakeholders with detailed QA reports for your build, direct from the app.

Each activity is date and time stamped, with usernames to give further confidence in the work.

4. View your project's progress

Keep an eye on how your products are progressing through the matrix view.

This dashboard visually communicates the status of QA work across multiple stages of the project, so you can nip any issues in the bud.

Why our customers choose CONQA

“You put all the effort in up front and so you want to have the evidence you’ve got it right, otherwise what’s the point? Using CONQA is just common sense”
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“We went from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to defects on a single project, to virtually zero defects.” 
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“CONQA allows our site foremen to spend less time at the office and more time at the work face, supervising our biggest asset, which is our labour force. We use CONQA as a selling point in tenders, showing that this is how we control our QA now.”
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Ready to change your QA ways?

We understand that sometimes you want to try before you buy. That’s why we offer a quick, no obligation demo that guides you through CONQA’s capabilities, customised to your current QA process, the problem you want to solve, and features you want to see in action.