How Ryman Healthcare is leading the way for the construction of aged care infrastructure

Ryman Healthcare builds critical aged care infrastructure

They’re currently working on multiple builds across Australia and New Zealand. We chat to Ryman’s QA manager, David Easton, about how Ryman is using innovations like Conqa as part of the solution to know how all projects are tracking in real-time.

Ryman’s key focus as a company is the well-being and care of the residents within their villages. This focus on care also extends to their construction sites, where a huge emphasis is put on the Health & Safety, and Quality Assurance. They also focus on developing their staff through leadership training and educational courses so that their staff are equipped for the job.

Meet David Easton

David is responsible for driving QA on Ryman’s construction sites. He spends a lot of his time traveling to the various sites in order to get important QA information that is digitised into a QA plan for the team. He also oversees the employment of staff that monitor the progress of QA on each site. David helps each site foreman understand the importance of a QA process and supports them through using it.

Ryman understands the range of complexities involved in managing multiple building sites and ensuring a quality build, Ryman knew they needed a software platform to collect and administer data, and manage their QA.

Why Conqa was the solution for Ryman

As Ryman continues to grow its aged care construction projects, innovations like Conqa can be part of the solution to ensure everything is done right the first time.

Ultimately the company chose Conqa to help track progress and ensure quality at every step “the ease of use with the mobile phone and live feed so I can monitor anytime anywhere” is invaluable to Ryman’s QA Manager, David. This helps him keep site foreman who are undertaking QA checks in specific areas, stay on track and up to date with using QA as a measure of progress.

David likes that Conqa is easy to use - “If the system isn’t easy to adapt to or use, the team won’t use it and therefore a FAIL”.

With the construction industry being one of the least digitised industries and slow to adopt technology, it is increasingly important that site staff see the value and ease of use of new technology.

“The more contractors I interact with they convey that a QA system is good on the large sites as a insurance policy to payment and lessen rework. I believe that all trades on the larger sites are realising that Clients are demanding surety that work is being completed to a compliant standard and it’s the way of the future.”

The most rewarding part of his role…

“I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a system go in that people can understand and want to use. Seeing Conqa starting on one trial site last year to now having 6 sites with more to come overseas...getting people to actually use the system and like it”.

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