Our Customers: Insol - Architectural Facade Treatment and Designs

Insol are a NZ-based company that specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of aluminium louvre systems and bespoke architectural facade treatments for commercial construction nation-wide.

Last year, Paul (Insol's National Operations Manager) reached out to our key account manager Blake, after hearing of Conqa through his involvement in the industry. Paul and the Insol team were looking to see how Conqa could help create efficiencies when it came to their QA. Here is our chat to the Insol team:

What challenges/problems necessitated a change in how you record your QA?

A paper based QA system is inaccurate, unreliable and overly time consuming.

What were you looking for in a solution?

A system that is easy for our Project Managers and Installers to use, and could actually reduce the time related to collecting and processing of data while increasing the relevancy of the data.

How has Conqa helped since implementation?

It’s helped by making the QA real time and having the ability to track progress and send reports to the client while at the work face.

What are some big trends you’re seeing in the construction industry?

The banking restrictions implemented after the GFC and the 1987 share market crash have done a fantastic job in preventing the sector from overheating. We think we will see a long, sustainable growth period in NZ construction as a result.

The team at Insol have been very proactive at scoping projects, on-boarding new users, and is now using Conqa company-wide on high-profile jobs. With Conqa's project specific breakdowns and customised checklists which are easily enacted by respective project teams, Conqa provides a simple, easy-to-use solution for a comprehensive QA solution.

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