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The Vivian Construction team

This week we chat to the managing director of Vivian Construction, Jeff Vivian. We asked Jeff to tell us a bit about Vivian construction and how they've prioritised quality from the start. 

Tell me about Vivian Construction

Vivian construction is only a year old, so we’re a young company that’s looking to do things extremely well through simplifying our systems. There is so much complexity in the industry, and we’re trying to do things in a more modern way.

We’re focused on projects in the 3-10 million range, and provide a more boutique service as a construction company. We love to use tech to provide site managers with the best tools to do their jobs productively. Reducing their time walking back and forth from the site office to the site.

You prioritised quality from the start, tell me why?

We used Conqa from day 1, on our very first project which was a bathroom refurb at Cityfitness in Westgate, and now Conqa is a point of difference for our business.

We’re able to show our clients a live project, and how QA is working on a project at any given time.

How has Conqa helped your business?

Conqa is a great risk mitigation tool for our company, we have a lesser chance of long term liability when we use Conqa. Clients get assurance that we’re doing things accurately and correctly. We are able to show them where a project is at, and being able to show them we are checking and recording things correctly, is a strength of out business.

It’s nice to demo to clients, things that have been done correctly. If something has failed, we’ve caught it, and fixed it. QA is something we have to do, and now it’s a thing our clients love to see.

How much time have yous saved with Conqa?

Conqa has become invaluable as a business owner, as we are saving on long-term risk as a business. The guys on site probably save 10 hours each a week, because scanning and uploading paperwork is costly.

What do you see as being some big trends in the construction industry at the moment?

There is a lot of rework in the industry at the moment, with a lot of new people to the industry. Because of the amount of work out there, companies are forced to grow very quickly, with lots of staff being taken on without much training or support to deliver.

Conqa helps us focus on getting all the details right.

Favorite benefits of Conqa?

The reports are a big benefit, and having the consultant and trade contractor be able to plug in what’s important for them and set deliverables is great.

Conqa can also help with sequencing and reducing rework, the trades are able to see if an area is ready for them.

Conqa remains a point of difference for our business.

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