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Recent posts

Enjoy more time off the tools with CONQA

We're trialling a 4 day work week! We don’t believe that our ability to show up for work is ever going to stay the same, and for us it’s about constantly re-evaluating what kind of environment our team needs to be at their best.

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The difference between Quality Control & Quality Assurance: How to use CONQA with Aconex or Procore

Both QA & QC are important aspects of delivering Quality on large projects, and each has its unique requirements. Learn about how our clients use these systems together.

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Premier Services Group on Queen's Wharf Brisbane

The wonderful team at Premier Services Group welcomed us on site and showed us how they're completing Quality Assurance checks regularly on large, complex projects.

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AE Smith impresses clients with a defect-free project

Delivering meaningful quality assurance (QA) that makes a difference is a construction industry-wide challenge. Not satisfied with their QA processes, AE Smith decided to tackle them head-on by undertaking a major culture change and implementing CONQA across their new projects. AE Smith saw their rework improve from about 10% on their previous project to 0% on their latest project.

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