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Keep your team on the tools and off the computer

Sort your QA from a smartphone as you go. Faster and less painful than uploading photos and tapping away at a laptop at the end of the day, week or month.
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QA you can rely on - without costing precious time

Paper checklists are impractical, and end up being overlooked when time gets tight (which is always). CONQA lets your team use their phones to check and document quality as they work - with everything stored in one place for review later.

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With CONQA, our customers have achieved:

saved per week per supervisor
reduction in defects
payment on progress claims

Our Benefits

Our Benefits

Our Benefits



Save time

“With CONQA I’m saving two hours a day on ITP work."

Perry Rutter
Project Manager
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Reduce defects

"CONQA helps us catch issues now to save the dramas later"

Andrew Seppo Paasila
Site Supervisor
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Make work easier

“It’s straightforward- as long as it’s set up from the start, the guys are just going for it.”

Satish Prema
Project Manager
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Get paid in full

“CONQA makes it a lot more precise for us which in turn gives us security. We know we can approach the builder later with the right information."

Jim Bryant
Construction Manager
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Improve relationships with stakeholders

"The client loves it, they’ve never had something like this before."

Jeff Wright
Operations Manager
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Reduce long-term risk

“It’s about having the documentation there when you need it, the proof is there forever”

Phil Clough
Construction Manager
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Our Pricing


Pricing varies depending on location and scope. Get in touch with us so we can ask you a few questions, and give you a complete quote based on your build.

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Monthly subscription from:
+ Setup & Training
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“We were pretty fortunate on this project to deliver on time (four months ahead of schedule) under budget and a really premium product.”

Food Stuffs North Island

Head Office and Distribution Centre

CONQA was specified to all contractors on the project.

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How it works

We want you to get the most of our CONQA. That’s why you’ll also get proactive support from a dedicated team in whatever way suits you.

1. A ready-to-go project-specific QA plan

Your QA checklists & ITPs are loaded into CONQA, and planned into a project specific workflow that matches the build sequence.

Everyone knows exactly what they need to do before the work starts.

2. Complete QA checklists & ITPs on your phone, even offline

Quickly navigate to the relevant inspection and capture site conditions in the CONQA app.

Get your work signed-off within the app, protecting you in the long-term.

Everyone on your team, regardless of tech capability, will find the app easy to use.

3. Create detailed reports

Demonstrate the quality of your work by sharing detailed QA reports & ITPs with any project stakeholder, right from the app.

Each activity is date and time stamped, with usernames to give further confidence in the work.

4. View your project's progress

Keep an eye on how your site team is progressing through the matrix view.

This dashboard visually communicates the status of QA work across multiples areas of the project, so you can nip any issues in the bud.

Use the reports to support your progress claims and get paid accurately.

Why our customers choose CONQA

“We went from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to defects on a single project, to virtually zero defects.”
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“CONQA allows our site foremen to spend less time at the office and more time at the work face, supervising our biggest asset, which is our labour force. We use CONQA as a selling point in tenders, showing that this is how we control our QA now.”
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“We have to show that we’ve checked the quality of our work is up to the builder’s specifications, that we’ve installed the right materials and abided by Australian standards. It’s so easy to manage because all the information is kept in the app in one place”
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Ready to change your QA ways?

We understand that sometimes you want to try before you buy. That’s why we offer a quick, no obligation demo that guides you through CONQA’s capabilities, customised to your current QA process, the problem you want to solve, and features you want to see in action.