A real-time view of your construction projects

Get it right from the start, so you can have healthier profit margins and deliver projects on time.

Simple and easy to use - Conqa

Simple and easy to use

We simplify and digitise the QA process so you don’t waste time manually recording and uploading QA paperwork.

"The most useful piece of software since Word & Excel were released."

— Michael Nevin, GM, SWP Commercial LTD.

All the information at your fingertips

A digitised QA process means all the important QA information is accessible anywhere, anytime.

“It used to take ages to record what I can now do, in minutes”

— Chris Albers, Site Manager, Aspec Construction

Conqa - All the information at your fingertips
Conqa - Easier council inspections

Easier council inspections

Have all your QA information ready for council inspections. Streamline the inspection process by providing the council with detailed reports on QA for the build.

“The auditors have found the information logged into the QA system easy to access.”

— Bruce Facoory, Project Manager, CMP Construction

Reduce risk and disputes

Capture area conditions easily, at pre-start and handover, protecting your work and ensuring you get paid to fix any damage to your finished work.

“Conqa is a great risk mitigation tool for our company. We have a lesser chance of long-term liability when we use Conqa”

— Jeff Vivian, Managing Director, Vivian Construction

Conqa - Reduce risk and disputes
Conqa - We help you get the most out of Conqa

We help you get the most out of Conqa

Your success is important to us, and we have a dedicated team to provide proactive support through phone, email, or live chat.

“CONQA has helped our business leap to the next level in Quality reporting.”

— Wayne McLean, Signal & Hobbs

Save time and money

Reduce rework and programme delays by quickly catching errors in work. Send a detailed report on an area to anyone who needs it, so the error can be addressed in a timely manner.

“Conqa saves you time and money. One bloke trying to do all this work everyday is going to cost you more.”

— Tony, Arrow International

Conqa - Save time and money

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